The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
School began a month ago and it has been so hectic that I lost myself in it.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped playing video games.  I stopped volunteering for things.   I've just been learning, learning, learning.

Yay for the skills I've been plugging into my brain.  Boo for the things I've left fall to the wayside.

I haven't had time for Austin Pets Alive!  I haven't had time to websling in "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" or go blasting people in "Unreal Tournament."

I haven't even had time really to look for part-time work.

There is a lot that goes into Television Production and Television Technology and I am the sponge that must absorb it.  I'm excited though that I have learned so much in the past month, more than I feel like I've learned in years.

I have participated in just about every aspect of television production from Direction to Technical Direction to Lighting Director to Camera operation on various types of cameras, to Audio control, CG, VTR, CCU and lighting boards.

I have written scripts, made story boards and lighting schemes for those scripts and now have to wait my turn for production time to produce these projects.  It's very exciting.  I feel so industrious in the TV field and there's three months left in the semester.  How big will my brain be when the semester ends and next semester takes me in to TV Field Production.  JUICY!!!

I feel like I've been walking through a dense jungle and stumbled upon well-paved road.  My future is opening up and the light is shining.


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