The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
Wow.  I did not expect this semester to be such a mad reading frenzy.

But yegads!  It's like one of those movies where the guy goes back to school and discovers if he wants to succeed he must apply himself and there's a montage of him studying.  Well, the montage of reading would be more fun if it went by as fast in reality as in the movies.

There's a lot of reading.

But I love class.  We get to control different types of cameras and backstage tv and sound equipment and perform different crew positions.  Yesterday, I was a PA (production assistant).

We have to bring in our project ideas for the thirty second show we're each going to produce. 

It must be simple, yet fun, Rated G and no guns.
Computer.  Squeeze good story into thirty seconds.
Make it so.


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