The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
This morning was blustery with crazy big clouds and patches of sun and the wind whipping every which away.  But I walked the dogs and went to work and did my daily to do.

A lady at work said, "I came through your line because you're the only one who is smiling."

I came home and played with my dogs.
I just noticed that I have 5555 G aka Achievement Points on XBox360.

I often wake in the mornings and head to my Halo: Reach.  Well, right after I have coffee.   Or during.

Just gotta love the game.
This is my new word.  Traflimongerous.

It means: when you look out the window and you watch the cars drive by and  you know you have to get dressed to go somewhere and you don't want to go.

That can be very traflimongerous.
Heart pumping.

I see and hear.  Lights around me.
A dog barks.

I'm still alive.