The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
I've been playing with Windows Movie Maker and I'm getting a handle on the controls, although I am still trying to understand how the sound equalizer could possibly be as minimalistic as it appears.  I'm certain that there must be a hidden access to the sound equalizer that I haven't found because all I see is a little toggle to determine whether you want the music volume higher than the video volume or vice versa.  I just don't believe that's all the equalizing that can be done.  I refuse to.  I just haven't found the actual equalizer panel, wherever it is.

But, I have enjoyed playing with the video enough that I'm happy to present the Director's Bite Cut.  Unfortunately, I still don't have access to any of the content edited in class or any of the content filmed in studio, so I'm limited in my editing to just the content I saved off our first filming session.

Nonetheless, I think this edit shows my dark humor and it makes me hungry for having more footage to edit.  I'm enjoying editing.



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