The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
It's finally here.  Unveiled.  My very first short!
BLOOD INSTINCT: The Bite or Fight Response
I wrote "Blood Instinct" for our first project in Introduction to Television Production at ACC.  We have learned the process of creating shows by participating in each aspect of the production as the role required for that part of the production.  Thus, I have been production assistant, lighting director, VTR operator, sound technician, boom operator, technical director and finally, writer and director.

For this production, I wanted to prove to myself that I understood the process enough to accomplish something entertaining and cohesive within the time frame and constraints on budget we had: $20 for fangs.

So, I'm pleased to reveal "Blood Instinct: The Bite or Fight Response" which gives a nod to that part of me that was the journalism major but says hello to that part of me that loves fantasy and vampires.


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