The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
The past two nights, we filmed my first Production written and directed by me.  YAY!!!

It totally rocked.  I can't wait to go into post-production and put it all together.  We still have another scene to shoot on Thursday in front of a green screen which will tie everything together, but my vampire has bitten his victim and she has fought him off and beheaded him!

I just couldn't be happier.

I have to thank my crew, Harley Ozuna (camera) and Kyle Artice (lighting) and his friend David who made a great and unexpected PA.

I also have to thank my actors, Robert Lambert (Vampire) and Jade Oglesby (Victim/Hero).

I'm really excited that everything went so well for my first production.  I've learned so much this semester in TV Production and TV Technology and I'm really glad that we decided to shoot this production outside of the classroom and away from the supervision of my instructors because the real test of learning is putting what you've learned into action without anyone redirecting in anticipation of you making mistakes.  Someone has to teach you how to play pool, but eventually you have to go to the bar alone.

I think a great first directing experience is a definitive marker of a great production future and I'm feeling like I've just grown wings.


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