The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
[I updated this list 09/29/2011 bumping Dr. Strange to #11]

10. Batman - The brains.  The brawn.  The sheer level and commitment to the development and refinement of all skills a human is capable of attaining.

9.  Wolverine - Tenacity.  Fierceness.  Unrelenting will to survive.

8.  Green Lantern - Pure creativity in a bottle shaken and stirred with the best of intentions and a heart stronger than even he knows.

7.  Storm - Extraordinary beauty and the strength to tame and harness the powers of the elements.

6.  Rogue - Always distanced from people, yet stronger, more capable and more resilient than anyone can imagine.  When she connects with someone, it's intense and she has to live with them inside her for her entire life.  Of all superheroes, I feel I have the most in common with Rogue.  A cohesive fragmentation of self; separate yet amongst; distant but accessible.

5.  Lion-O - Lord of the Thundercats.  His determination, strength, and power and righteous refusal to be corrupted by evil.

4.  Buffy - The Slayer.  She alone.  It's about power.  Who has it.  Who doesn't.  A slayer forges strength from pain.  She's what nightmares have nightmares about.

3.  Spider-Man - With great power comes great responsibility.  These words have echoed through my life.  He is the flawed hero.  Always on time to save the day.  Always late for his own life.  Always trying to do the right thing.

2.  Thor - The god of thunder.  Strength incarnate.  The heroic son of God.  Lion of Heaven.  He who protects mankind.

1.  Superman - The icon of all that is superheroism.  He holds the ideals of superheroic behavior and never crosses the line.  He is a true hero.


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