The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears

I sit in a corridor on a bench.  I am between classes.  There is a giant gap in the middle of my day to which I must become accustomed.  I have already had my first class of the day, Copy Editing, followed by a pizza buffet at Double Dave's.

Now, I fill the time with projects and homework.  Today is one of my days for editing the Austin Pets Alive! No-Kill Handbill.  I have reading to accomplish for Thursday.  As I sit on this bench, and time progresses, I become more unpleasantly aware of how comfortable my chair is at home.  I will ahve to find someplace else to sit besides this bench. 

But I am enjoying the people watching as I sit in the hallway.  Students bustle by, intent on their direction, and quite often misdirection.

I have already done my meandering and have found my classrooms and know where I'm supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there.  Now, I need to wander around and find the secret comfy spots.  Every school has them.  Some place with a nice chair and decent wi-fi and if I'm lucky, a nice view.  Because this bench ain't cutting it.  Seriously.  The bench is bad.


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