The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
Wouldn't it be nice to say that I knew everything there was to know about web design and web content?  Design trends are always changing, and how anyone has the time to know everything about website trends and development methodologies and concurrently maintain skills and knowledge and activity in other areas is outside the scope of logic.

That said, over the years I've been learning.  Once upon a time, I worked at Convio (a web host for non-profits that provided the entire monetizing method for organizing constituents, fundraisers, newsletters, widgets, calls to action, et al).  As a Client Support Analyst, my job was to figure out client problems and answer how-to questions that often involved delving deep into the HTML and XML code to figure out why or how X would/could/or would not display on Y or Z.

Before that, I worked at WebWare Corporation that designed MAMBO (Media Asset Management by Objects).  This time as manager of Client Services for a startup, I dealt with organizing an efficient support delivery structure for clients with a lot of digital assets like the NFL and Jim Henson.

And before that, I worked at New York University as Residential Networking Coordinator providing Ethernet services to dormitories across the city.  And before that, at NYU I was a Technical Support Rep for the entire university.

Over the years I have worked on numerous web page designs only to scrap the page and reconfigure because web trends changed or my life changed or my interests changed.  Sometimes, a web page feels like Tibetan Sand Art.

The point is, I understand the need to keep abreast of technology changes and get a grasp on design techniques while at the same time keeping abreast of content within your interest range and working in whatever field or job that pays the bills.  And in today's world, career change is part of the landscape.

For me, keeping abreast and knowing how to get the information I need is important.  Knowing everything, not so much.



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