The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
Good morning broken heart.  I got up today, walked my dogs and made my coffee and sat down to check my email.  So, ever goes my pattern.  Until I saw the news.

It was the after-image in my brain that saw in the lower right hand corner of my screen the notice of Whitfield's passing and I had to click the BACK button to see if I had seen true.  Shatter!

He was my hero.  As an actor, as a man.

I never believed that anyone could play the role of Spartacus as Whitfield played that role.  Such strength.   Such passion.  Such heart-felt emotion in eyes as tender as they were fierce.

Whitfield only starred in one season of "Spartacus" before he had a relapse of lymphoma and withdrew from the show.   They never reached the part of the Spartacus story when the soldiers all stand up to defend him and everyone says, "I am Spartacus!"  I wanted Whitfield to heal so they could film that scene with him as the actor.  It was so easy for me to believe that Andy Whitfield as Spartacus could engender the power of that respect.

Whitfield has my respect.  In honor of Andy Whitfield's passing, I stand up now and say, "I am Spartacus!"


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