The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears

Stan Lee's new show Superhumans on the History Channel is incredible.  The premise is that there are people in the world with extraordinary abilities to the extent that they're superhuman in many respects.

With just minor spoiler, the first episode showed a guy that could pass ridiculous amounts of electricity through his body without being sizzled like a normal person.  I have my own theory about how that's possible, but without a medical degree and a dissecting table, I don't think he'll let me test my theory.  I suppose I really wouldn't need to dissect him to confirm some bio-molecular dampening mechanism related to salt and fat levels in his blood-stream and perhaps even a peculiar metallic or crystal mineral imbalance.  Perhaps he has a high quartz diet and somehow the piezo-electric qualities of his blood-stream help to direct electron flow efficiently enough that he doesn't get fried.

The show also had a super-strong guy and a blind guy that could see the world with his ears.  I had heard of people with bat-like world sonar who can see by listening to the refractive qualities of sound around them with tongue clicks and small sounds.  I've tried it myself with blindfolds practicing to be Daredevil, but there's only so much you can stub your toe before you turn on the lights.

I'm interested in seeing what other mutants he uncovers in what appears to be a mutant registration act in progress.  I'm certainly not showing my powers on TV.


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