The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
Competing with the world to have ones voice heard is difficult enough without having to compete for the title of one's blog.

First, I discover that there are umpteen gazillion other guys in the world named Will Spears.  So, I didn't really have a choice in that.  Thanks to my parents, I am a William Spears.  I don't prefer to be called William.  I despise the name Bill.  My ears cringe at the sound of Billy or Willy and I'm not even going to touch Liam.  And since I like the definition of Will, of the William variants available to me, I have for many years gone by that selection.

Enter the world wide web.  Ah, a host of Will Spearses clog the webwaves with their not-me-ness.  What's a guy to do.  Come up with a clever title for his blog like Musings of a Maverick, until we do a search and discover that lots of people use that phrase and there's even a band called Maverick Muse.  Honestly!

So, I could consider going with my XBox Gamer tag PrinceSkyGod, but the ego name we choose for destroying aliens does not work so well when trying to portray oneself as a professional in any industry.

So, what's a guy to do?  Give in to mediocrity?  Well, I refuse to give up the "Musings" portion of the title because that outlines what it is that I do.  And I refuse to give up the Will Spears aspect of my name because that's my name.

So, I am renaming the title of my website to "Musings of the Artist Mage ~ Will Spears."  I have searched google and there are a few people who use the phrase "Musings of an artist" and some who use "musings of a mage" or "musings of a mad mage" but none who use "Musings of an Artist Mage" and that is what I truly am.

Therefore, let it be known and proclaimed that I, Will Spears nee William Joseph Howard Spears am THE ARTIST MAGE.  I even took the precaution of creating a yahoo email account and a twitter account with that name.

Twitter:  theartistmage

I still plan to continue using my RocksCatness twitter account.
But I've been meaning to get a new email address anyway to cut down on the noise that I have to weed through in my other email account.

Yay!!!  It has been done.


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