The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
It's the second day of school, and I'm beginning to understand that sometimes you drop a class not because you dislike the class, but because the class is at an extremely inconvenient time.

I like Copy Editing so far, after only one class, but I do not like the four hour wait after Copy Editing ends and TV Production begins.  I'm certainly not dropping my TV Editing class.  Copy Editing is more of a print journalism class and while its concepts are useful, and I wanted to get a detailed grasp on them, I must confess that my patience will not allow for a daily extended wait on hard benches in a loud corridor.

I tried to make the wait less interminable by visiting a nearby cafe and working on my laptop and going through my textbooks, but that only lasted for about an hour before I couldn't abide sitting there any longer.  Over the course of a semester, that would get expensive.

No.  Logic suggests that I needs must drop my Copy Editing class.  My worry is that I will not be able to find something to replace it.  All of the classes I want to take are full.  I can only hope that someone drops a class I want making room for me.

Either way, my decision has been made.  Say goodbye to Copy Editing.  What would be juicy is if I could replace that class with something like After Effects.


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