The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
I rode a mechanical bull last night when I went to a place called Rebel's Honky Tonk for an Austin Pets Alive! event. 

I must have been in the bar for about fifteen minutes before my eye landed on the contraption and determined what it was.  I'd never ridden one before but had seen them in enough movies that I was not to be deterred when the attendant cranked that thing up and it started bucking and spinning.

I went right over there before I knew that I was going and volunteered to test it out.  A signed waiver about not suing for injuries later, and a quick lesson in how it all worked, and I was riding that bull and holding on for dear life, all very much aware that everyone could see me flailing about and clinging on for all I was worth.

I can be very determined.  Superheroic in many aspects.  I don't have a real time for how long I was on that thing, but I do know that I had a lot of fun.  I know he never cranked it up past half speed, so I know I've got a long ways to go before I'm a skilled rodeo rider, but I had myself a blast and there's no way I'm not going back, even though my mom's neighbor told me about the accident he had on a mechanical bull ride.  It sounded pretty bad landing on top of his head, but he admitted to being drunk.  I was completely sober and kind of just slipped off the side and couldn't right myself when the beast lurched dramatically, so the attendant brought it to a stop.

All I know, is that if someone says, "Let's go play pool," I'm going to reply with, "I think they have a pool table at Rebel's Honky Tonk."  I don't actually know if they have a pool table there, since I don't remember looking for one, but what kind of bar doesn't have a pool table?  Especially if they have a mechanical bull.  And if they don't, well, I'll simply say, "Oh.  They don't have a pool table.  Hey, but look at this.  I'll only be a moment or ten.  YeeeHAAA!!!"


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