The Artist Mage ~ Will Spears
So, I'm sitting here at my computer and my dogs are staring at me with this, "What about us?" expression.

My camera's not happy right now, so I'm going to post a couple of old pics of the pair.
This is Amber Starfire, queen of cute.

She has trademark beagle stubbornness and an ego to match.  But she's also one of the mostest adorable babies in the world.

Whenever she smells chicken or bacon she becomes somewhat insane.

And this is Niobe Wolfcub.

Niobe is a rescue dog I found on Craigslist.  I had to do a lot of work to turn her into someone almost normal.

But she loves to give kisses with her pretty Chow tongue and she's as sweet a walking stuffed animal as you'd ever want to snuggle.

Oh yes, I love my sweet babies.  And no, I'm not giving them away.


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